Nature is an endless source of ideas that I use as a reference. I constantly cross the line between the abstract and the representational. To become freer in my analysis I work with the same idea over and over to reveal new approaches that will transform my work. Countless sketches structure the concept that is reinvented with each attempt, encouraging me to surpass my own limits. Mistakes are welcome any time we are able to take advantage of them. The chaos of ideas is turned into gesture and color that invades the canvas and my mind dares me to search for answers lazily hidden. I may change something superfluos for what may seem even more superficial but the equilibrium of what is intended to be unique questions me every step of the way.


                                                                              Dora Piñón, January 2016

Elegant, intuitive and emotional that is Dora Pinon’s work

by Paloma Peláez Bravo

Frequently when we talk about an artist we tend to focus exclusively on the work without really understanding the attitude from where the artist stands. In order to look deeply into Dora’s work it is essential to describe herself-demanding consciousness of life and nature and emphasising in plastic knowledge.

Piñon’s palette takes the viewer into brilliant and colourful landscapes, revealing a space filled with personal experiences. The artist attracts the viewer by transforming an every-day life scene into a unique image which makes painting come alive. Dora Piñon firmly stakes the represented space born from the natural observation and makes it her own. Big sizes and an extravagant gesture carry out the artist’s vitality making Piñon’s statement evident, proving an exceptional mental and plastic maturity transcending the mere represented object. Time appears frozen within, solving image with a fair measure of paint thickness.

The control of colour in the artist work shows an extremely high artistic category. Piñon’s work dramatic representation displaying chromatic richness, a great variety of brushstrokes and gesture sharing visceral and rational power of expression. A wide range of plastic resources help in the understanding of such paintings, during every stage of the creation process. From the very core of well configured structures, which build a new reality, all elements acquire a unique and different representation.

There is no doubt that Dora Piñón’s work is exquisite and involves deep pictorial investigation. A work far from worn out prejudices, as an artist imposing her objective on a two dimensional surface searching for the absolute truth in what she does.



Paloma Peláez Bravo.

Painter and teacher in Facultad de Bellas UCM.